FCS 3D Red Tip Fin

A.k.A - the wing fin, star fin, hydro foil or winged keel fin


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Additional Information

Original concept by Cheyne Horan and designed in conjunction with Ben Lexcen. Inspired by Australia's victory in the 1980 America's Cup, Horan thought the keel of Australia II could be modified for use on a surfboard. This seems appropriate seeing as a boat keel inspired Blake to put the first fin on a board. Designers are still looking to boats for relevant design strategies. In 1984 Horan met with Lexcen and after much advanced testing in the water tank they came up with the star fin design. In more recent years FCS has introduced a smaller version for use as the center fin in a thruster set-up. The 3D Red Tip was designed by Gold Coast surfer/shaper John Harris. Original design influences for this fin date back to aeroplane wing design, especially the WWII British fighter the spitfire. Fish, whale and numerous yacht keel innovations all helped to formulate the star fin concept. This style fin creates tail lift and positive drive, also speed and acceleration through turns as well as tip time. The latest contribution to this fin design was a Laird Hamilton outline released by Future Fins. Same concept with some of the same characteristics of one of Laird's hydro foils.