SwimFins – ERS4

SwimFins – ERS4

by Jason Brown

ERS4 are the long awaited answer to many peoples swim fin choice preferred style. Individually Shaped – Left and Right foot pocket molds for the best performance and fit. Explosive Power – Made of...

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The new Live To Surf t-shirt with the original logo on the back on sale now! we have all sizes from X-small youth to X-large adult

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Ally bodyboard swim fins just came in. Sizes S – L (5- 12.5) Ally floating swim fins are the perfect combination of comfort and power providing the ultimate solution for your swim fin needs....

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A true evolution of Simon Anderson’s S81 template. More base and more curve in the leading and trailing edges makes for tighter turning characteristics.

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Polypro Lycra top with 2mm Texture Titanium glideSkin hood. Outer Neck seal. 1mm face seal with elastic cord, cinch. Lycra binding on sleeves and waist; thumb loops in sleeves.

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specifications: • 2mm N2S (Nylon 2 sided) neoprene • Flatseam construction • Brim design to deflect water

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Designed in conjunction with top scientists and using the latest flow tank technology to reduce drag and increase drive these fins are designed to get you moving as fast as possible on the wave....

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The original VS model is built with the beginning rider in mind. A wood core for a steady ride, fiberglass for added durability and strength, the sleek design is perfect for long slides on the...

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A durable polyurethane coating over quality German Beech wood construction makes this board highly water resistant. A sleeker and more defined shape, the Speeder is incredible value for the...

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