FCS Fusion goes in before the board is glassed. The fusion system was developed specifically for EPS boards.

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Individual Charcoal rail plugs for surfboard shaping, ding repair or C-5 installs. This the latest generation FCS Fin Plug, not to be confused with the prior smoke polycarbonate P-2 Plug. ***DO...

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The FCS P2 is made from Polycarbonate (PC) (the traditional plug is PVC). ***DO NOT PUT PLUGS IN ACETONE!!!! color: Black smoke

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Futures Fin boxes (Side Boxes -3/4″ deep) (Center Boxes – 1/2″ deep) Available in -Singles -Tri (two 3/4″ sides & one 1/2″ center) -Quad (two 3/4″ sides & two 1/2″...

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