Martin’s 5 – Battle for the Beach – Surfrider Foundation

Martin’s 5 – Battle for the Beach – Surfrider Foundation


Meet five surfers who were arrested for trespassing onto a public beach and the Surfrider Foundation activists who stood in protest.

At Martin’s Beach there is only one way in and one way out. This beautiful crescent-shaped beach was previously open to the public before the new landowner installed gates, prohibitive signage and guards at the site. Closing that once-open road to surfers and beachgoers is illegal.

The charges against the five surfers for trespassing may have been dismissed, but the battle is still on. The gate at Martin’s Beach remains closed to the public and lawsuits continue, including a suit by the Surfrider Foundation to enforce the Coastal Act’s beach access protections.

Martin’s Beach is just one of Surfrider’s many beach access battles. The right to beach access is constantly being challenged by private property owners and developers who would like to lock up slices of the coast for themselves alone.

Across the country, Surfrider is standing up for your right to access your beach. And we need your help to keep fighting the good fight.

Watch the video, get inspired and join the fight for beach access today.

For our oceans, waves and beaches,

The Surfrider Foundation


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