No Board Left Behind – Element Recycled Board Project

No Board Left Behind – Element Recycled Board Project


The Element Recycled Board Program is designed to breathe new life into old boards. We take dilapidated decks and cut them into shape, giving each one a second chance to hit the streets.

Every board comes complete with fitted trucks, wheels made from recycled materials, and are adorned with our signature green bolts.

No Board Left Behind boards are original vintage-condition items. Each is 100% unique and handpicked for you from limited stock. Yours will vary in graphic and degree of distress, making them one-of-a-kind.

How we do it

  • First1. Nick Garcia’s board lived a long life while filming for FUTURE NATURE. His board was beat to the point of it needing replacement.
  • Second2. The old board is then cut into a new custom shape, giving it a nice clean edge, and is shaped like a brand new cruiser.
  • Third3. All new components are added including, made-to-fit trucks, new bolts and bearings, and bug poop wheels (no joke)! The wheels are made from cornfed bug waste, and processed into urethane.
  • Fourth4. The end result is a reincarnated board with a new lease on life, and ready to hit the streets! No Board Left Behind.

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