Zed Skimboards announces the 2011 Island Skim Session

Zed Skimboards announces the 2011 Island Skim Session



On Saturday, June 18th 2011, Zed Skimboards is holding its annual Island Skim Session at Witty’s Lagoon in Victoria, BC. The Island Skim Session is an event that focuses on flatland skimboarding, an up-and-coming sport that is quickly gaining popularity around the globe. For the uninitiated, flatland skimboarding is a mix of skateboarding and surfing, with riders skimming across shallow water on a unique board, incorporating ramps and rails along the way.


Zed Skimboards’ Island Skim Session started 13 years ago as a group of friends who wanted to organize an event that revolved around their sport. It evolved into two permanent annual locations: Victoria’s Witty’s Lagoon and Campbell River’s Saratoga Beach. This year, the Witty’s stop is a ranked event on the North West Skim Tour, a governing body for official skim contests in the Pacific Northwest.  The Island Skim Session attracts some of the world’s top-level riders. It puts on five official contests each summer and helps to promote other skimboarding events in the area.


Registration for the event can be found online at zedskimboards.com, or onsite beginning at 10 am on June 18th.


About Zed Skimboards

Zed Skimboards started in 1998 as a grassroots locally owned and operated company. Since then, they’ve grown into a legitimate force in the skimboarding industry, pushing the sport to new levels with innovative products and a passion for the sport while still being Island based.  For more information go to www.zedskimboards.com


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