Little Black Bikini

Little Black Bikini


Little Black Bikini

The LBB (Little Black Bikini). Meet the swimsuit equivalent of the Little Black Dress – the go-to Black Bikini that makes you feel instantly slim, sexy and chic. Not just for supermodels! The combo of Vitamin A’s unparalleled construction and curve-friendly cuts means there’s a flawless-fitting LBB for every body.

About Vitamin A®:
Feeling good in your skin means getting all the vitamin A your body needs-Vitamin A® *swimsuits*, that is. Back in 2000, designer Amahlia Stevens unveiled her now ubiquitous “California Cut.” Fast forward to 2010: Vitamin A® is known as the LBB (the Little Black Bikini!) -*the* go-to choice when vitamin A-listers like Nicole Kidman, Sienna Miller and Cameron Diaz want to feel instantly chic, sexy and slim.

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