Onshore, Offshore and Side Shore Winds


Waves are formed with the wind, and is the biggest factor between a really great days surfing or a day of non surfing.
Onshore Winds are the worst for surfing. The wind blows from sea toward shore crumbling the waves, flattening their shape, making them difficult to surf.

Side Shore winds are not desirable either, as it doesn’t help the wave shape properly rather just making it awkward to surf.

Offshore Wind is the best because it ensures that the waves rolling in are well formed and break cleanly by pushing the wave back and making it steeper and taller. If you want quality waves then you want an offshore wind.

No Wind can be amazing too. If there has been some wind and swell has come to shore, then you might have the chance to surf some incredible and glassy waves. Glassy surf literally looks like glass when their is no wind, super smooth with no bumps in it.

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