-Caspian Smith-






From: Dunedin, New Zealand

Years surfing: 10 years

Go to board: 5’6 Crack Shack Twinny

Favorite surf destination: Dunedin, New Zealand (home)

Favourite part about teaching lessons: Getting people hooked on something majestical 🙂



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From: Tofino

Years Surfing: 10

Go to board: 6’1″ Sled r/t

Favourite Surf destination: The Sound

Favourite part about teaching lessons: Sharing the best sport ever with people









From: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Years Surfing: 35

Go to board: 11’0″ Tokoro Gun

Favourite surf destination: Pipeline, Hawaii

Favourite part about teaching lessons: Seeing the smiles on kids faces!



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From: Rocky Mountain  House, Alberta

Years surfing: 20

Go to board: 5’2″ Aftanas SledRT

Favorite surf destination: Any boat drop off!

Favourite part about teaching lessons: Watching smiles grow when people “feel” the ride; belly riding, standing up, white wash or green slides. I love witnessing people experiencing Mother Ocean.



IndoBoat JesusJules







From: Montreal, QC

Years Surfing: 4

Go to board: 6’6” Aftanas SLED

Favourite surf destination: El Salvador, Indonesia and Mexico

Favourite part about teaching lessons: Knowing there’s a chance that the person learning to surf could irretrievably fall in love with the waves and have his or her life changed forever.

-Rusty S.Goyer-


From: Montreal, QC

Years Surfing: 5 years

Go to board: 5’9 Firewire Sci-fi LFT

Favourite surf destination: North shore, Hawaii

Favourite part about teaching lessons: talking and getting to know people all over the world, over surfing.

-Jason Brown-



From: Ontario

Years Surfing: 4 years

Go to board: 5’10 Maurice Cole Hipster T

Favourite surf destination: Mainland Mexico

Favourite part about teaching lessons: Spreading the Stoke and Feeding the Froth!