The GOODS-1 is the first FCS fin to Feature the new "composite Core" (CC). A moulded core inserted into the Resin Transfer Moulded (RTM) tool, which is then compressed between layers of 6oz fiberglass and polyester resin. This process guarantees precision and accuracy and gives the GOODS-1 the flex properties of a traditional glass fin while significantly reducing the weight by using less glass. This weight reduction also allows the freedom to increase the thickness/cord ratio, effectively enhancing the efficiency of the foil, especially at low speeds.

The Goods-1 is designed for fast, radical, performance surfing and will suit surfers of average weight or heavier surfers looking for a more radical feeling.


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Additional Information

Base: 111mm, 4.37"
Depth: 115mm, 4.55"
Area: 9449mm, 14.65"
Sweep: 33°