Cam Caddie Scorpion / EX Accessory Mounting Knob

The Cam Caddie Scorpion/EX Accessory Knob can be used in a variety of different ways. It can be used as a replacement knob to attach your camera to the Scorpion or Scorpion EX. It can also be combined with our Accessory Wing to mount multiple items to the Cam Caddie Scorpion. This unique design provides a great deal of flexibility ensuring you can always switch your gear around to fit your needs. Have a spare on hand in case you loose your mounting screw at a crucial moment. Buy it now before it's too late.
Includes: (1) Scorpion/EX Accessory Knob
Constructed From: Composite Thermoplastic and Steel
Product SKU: 0CC-0100-KN


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