Established back in 84, Live To Surf is the shop with experience and strong history in Canadian surfing. We have friendly and knowledgeable staff that are ready to help you. We have the largest rental selection in Canada and are able to outfit almost anyone, Including toddlers from 1.5yrs old to adults weighing up to 280 Lbs. Fun for Everyone!
Come to the shop with experience.  Live To Surf.

FUN GUARANTEED! : If you don’t have fun, we’ll give you credit towards another rental to try it again.


Rentals Rates: 6hrs or per day if you rent for more than 1 day

Surfboard w/leash $25.00
Bodyboard w/leash $25.00
Skimboard $20.00
SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) w/leash & Paddle $40.00 or $100 for 3 days
Wetsuit w/boots $20.00
Childsuit w/boots $20.00
Hood $ 5.00
Gloves (pr) $ 5.00
Boots (pr) $ 5.00
Fins $ 5.00
Leash $ 5.00
Roofrack or Tie Downs (fits all vehicles) $ 2.00
Snorkel/Mask $ 5.00
Hard Cases for Surfboard Travel $20.00 week / $50.00 month

*You must be 19 to Rent, or accompanied by a parent or guardian. Please bring government issued Photo ID.
FOR YOUR SAFETY – We reserve the right to limit or decline rentals during extreme weather conditions

Group Rates

Great for Schools, Clubs, Organizations, Staff Events, Corporate Team Building, Bachelor & Batchelorette Parties, or just a bunch of friends looking to have a good time.

Please call or email for Group Rates. We can handle very large group sizes.

* NEW * – Wedding Registry & Group Event Planner form here

Demo Boards

Not sure what to buy? We have a selection of DEMO boards available for customers that are looking to purchase a new board. (surfing experience is mandatory) Demo boards are $40 for the day, fully refunded with the purchase of a new board. Stand up paddle boards NOW available.

Click here for SUPER $SAVINGS  & Specials on Rentals

Questions?  Please see our Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

A few reasons to rent from Live To Surf

1. Satisfaction Guaranteed! If you don’t have fun, we’ll give you credit towards another rental to try it again.


2. You have the option of getting gear whenever you need it. Don’t pay when you don’t need it.
3. You won’t be paying for rental time while you are travelling. The nearest neighbouring cities are 2-3 hrs away, which means you are paying for extra days just to travel.
4. If something breaks or malfunctions we can repair or replace it right away while you are still in Tofino. We also maintain our gear on a daily basis.
5. The swell may not be working the whole time you are here. You don’t want to be stuck with gear if the surf is flat.
6. You don’t have to transport your boards to and from Tofino. (Many people improperly mount their boards and lose them on the way here)
7. Your gear will be set up correctly from the get go. (Many people get here and realize that their boards are missing fins, leashes, etc)
8. You don’t have to worry about storing your gear the whole time you’re here. Surf equipment is a high commodity and expensive to replace. If you rent from us, then we can store it overnight and you don’t have to worry about it.
9.We are the closest shop to the beach and have over 25yrs experience.


If you get a lesson and want to surf all day, we will give you 20% off a daily rental for gear

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